October 16th

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October 14th



October 9th

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FOX45 News

Local business owners show support for Independent Mayoral Candidate Wallace

October 7th

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FOX45 News

Wallace on crime in Baltimore: 'there needs to be a fierce sense of urgency in this city'

October 5th


Baltimore Brew

September 7th

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Behind the Scenes: Baltimore Bob


WMAR Channel 2 News

Mayoral candidate Bob Wallace announces plan to walk through 32 Baltimore City zip codes

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Fox 45 News

Independent mayoral candidate vows to walk streets of every zip cope before election

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The Baltimore Sun

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Baltimore Business Journal


Official Statement from Bob Wallace

Independent Baltimore City Mayoral Candidate Bob Wallace Secures Spot on Ballot in November General Election

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Fox 45 News

Independent Candidate for Mayor says he would give Government back to the People

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Official Statement from Bob Wallace


Official Statement from Bob Wallace

Independent Candidate for Baltimore Mayor Bob Wallace Issues Statement on Juneteenth

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See Bob's endorsement on the Bob Paff Show: Going Live on The Bob Paff Show and on video with DUNDALKTV POLITICAL WATCHDOG SITE

Bob Wallace For Mayor Of Baltimore City

Bob Wallace For Mayor Of Baltimore City

Bob Wallace Presents: Post COVID-19 Economic and Job Growth Strategy